Reading News

Look out for our Reading Newsletter which is being sent home this week. There are lots of exciting reading activities planned for the next few weeks.

Meet the Book Council:


Wednesday 8th November – Have an old book that you have finished with? Bring it to school and swap it at our book swap. Go home with something different! (Please note, we cannot track down a book and return it once it has been swapped!)


Wednesday 8th November – Have an old book that you have finished with? Bring it to school and swap it at our book swap. Go home with something different! Outside the studio after school.

Join us in the classroom at the start of our day. Share stories and reading games with us. 9.00 -9.25 YEAR 1 EVERY TUESDAY. YEAR 2 EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Join us to find out how to support older children with their reading at home. Once your child has been registered in class, they will join you in the hall to play some fun reading games. As a special treat, a breakfast snack will be available. 9.00-9.45 Please note this is a REPEAT of the sessions run last March. Everyone is welcome but there is no need to attend if you came earlier in the year.

We are very pleased to announce that from now on our school library will be open every day after school from Monday 6th November 3.20 – 3.40 Please come along whenever you want and choose a new book. We hope to see lots of you there! Children must be supervised by a parent/carer. Children who walk home alone should bring a note from home in order to give permission for them to stay late.


Do you have a passion for reading? Would you like to read to children? We are looking for adults to volunteer as mystery readers. Come and read to a class or a small group of children – but don’t tell your child that you will be doing it! Shhhhh it’s a secret!
If you would like to be involved please email with the following details: your name, name of your child, and when you would be available. This doesn’t need to be a weekly commitment, just a one off visit would be great. We will contact you to make arrangements.

14TH – 17TH NOVEMBER After school and during Parents’ Appointments. Come and see us in the studio.

KS2 Super Learners!

Well done to our KS2 pupils who have been awarded with Super Learner certificates over the last 4 weeks. These pupils have been chosen as they have shown a positive attitude towards their learning.

Come and Join Us in EYFS

Today your child will have brought home an invitation offering you the chance to join us in the classroom next week.

You are invited to come into school with your child to see what happens in the classroom. Join in with Dough Disco, collect a free story book for your child, and find out more about the Early Years Curriculum.
Date: 16th/17th/18th October – you choose
Time: 9.00—9:40am


You are invited to come into school with your child to see what happens in the classroom. Join in with our Dough Disco and story time.
Date 26th October
Time: 9:00—9:30am


Questions: I can’t attend. Grandma likes to help with school work, can she come instead? Of course, any family member who supports your child is very welcome.
Can I bring my baby, I haven’t got any childcare? Yes, although we don’t have a lot of space for buggies.

Harvest Festival

It is our Harvest festival on Monday 9th October. We are supporting the Food Bank at St. Mary’s Church, Haughton Green with any donations. Please follow the link to find out more…

Harvest Festival letter 2017

Pupils may dress in harvest colours on Monday.

Year 1 Magic Day

Year 2 will be having a Magic Day on Monday 2nd October. If your child is in Year 2 then they are invited to come into school dressed as a witch or a wizard. A 50p donation would be appreciated- this will be used to buy delicious ingredients for the spooky spells!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you so much to all parents, grandparents and friends who supported our coffee morning on Friday. Once again we were overwhelmed by your generosity in every way – baking and sending cakes, drinking coffee and donating money, and then buying even more cakes at the end of the day! It really was a tremendous success! We will let you know how much our community effort raised, as soon as the final amount has been calculated.

Special thanks go to our retired staff- Mrs Potts, Mrs Stone, Mrs Frost, Mrs Chesters, Mrs Meopham and the wonderful Miss Winnell- who organised and ran the whole event. We all appreciate their support and efforts.

Playground and Sports field update

The huge mounds of earth that have been piled up on the field in order to drain as much water from the soil as possible are being removed from the site this week. The cost of tipping this spoil is based on weight so the contractors have tried to reduce the cost to the overall project by drying it out.

The area has now been completely surveyed and cctv has examined the existing drains. A suitable main drain to take the water off the site has been located but it has collapsed and will need to be replaced.  It actually runs under the path from Crown Point North and the collapse is the reason for the dip in the path where the large puddle blocks the path in heavy rain. The whole of the pathway will be drained and re-laid as part of the project.

When the spoil is removed a substantial drainage system will be constructed to take the water off the very large playground area that will follow.

In the meantime we have submitted a bid to Sport England to match fund a 60m x 40m artificial, floodlit multi-use games area that will also be available for community use!

The original bid was submitted during May this year and we are through the first round.

We now need to show a need and how the community can share the facility. If successful we will have very large traditional tarmac playgrounds, grass sports field of a very high quality and an artificial games surface that can be used all year round. The impact on the children and school will be amazing but the bid is dependent on the benefits to the community as well.

This is where we need your help….if you know of, manage or belong to any community group or organisation we urgently need your expression of interest to support the bid and eventually provide you with the opportunity to use our fantastic facility. We have already received interest from local sports clubs, groups and charities providing opportunities for disabled children, bowling clubs, archery clubs etc.

If you can forward your interest to it will be greatly appreciated and could make the difference between the bid being successful or it being unfortunately turned down.


Please join us on Friday for coffee and cake from 9am to 11am. All proceeds will go to  MACMILLAN Cancer Support.

Say hello to Mrs Stone, Mrs Potts, Miss Winnell and Mrs Meopham who will be serving cakes and drinks in the studio (at the front of school).  Any cake donations will be very welcome- just send them into school on Friday morning!

Samba Band- KS2

Mr Blackwell, our SAMBA teacher from Tameside Music Services, will once again be running an After School Samba Club. This will run on Monday evenings and is open to pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. For further details please follow the link below…

Russell Scott Samba Band Autumn 2017

Please note this club has limited numbers and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Parent Drop in!

You are invited to come into school with your child to see what happens in the classroom. Find out about the morning routines, homework and how you can help with reading and spelling. We are happy to welcome any family member including mum, dad, grandparent, auntie or even a family friend.

Dates as follows:

Year 1- Miss Plant’s class – 10th October 9:00am-9:20am

Year 3- Miss Higgins class – 9th October 9:00-9:20am

Year 6-Mrs Sangah’s class – 4th October 9:00-9:20am

Year 5-Mr Henthorn’s class – 11th October 9:00-9:20am

Year 5-Miss Ashton’s class – 10th October 9:00-9:20am

Year 4-Mrs Wilding Young’s class – Wednesday 11th October 9:00-9:20pm

Year 4-Mrs Lees and Miss Neil’s class – Thursday 12th October 9:00-9:20am

Year 1-Miss Burke’s class – 10th October 9:00am -9:20am

Year 2- Miss Kingsley’s class – 27th September 9:00am – 9:20am

Year 2- Miss Hallam’s class – 27th September 9:00am -9:20am

Year 3- Miss Watkin’s class – 11th October 9:00-9:20am

Year 6-Miss Cotton’s class – 3rd October 9:00-9:20am

Friday 22nd September – Jeans for Genes Day

Wear JEANS on Friday 22nd September to support Genetic Disorders UK. Our school donation will help to change the world for children with genetic disorders£1 donation.



Well done to these Year 6 pupils who have been chosen as the first group of school PREFECTS!

Super Learners

Well done to our first Key Stage 2 ‘Super Learners’ of the new school year! These pupils have been risk-takers and have pushed themselves with their learning.

Mums and Tots

Our popular Mums and Tots group will now be running every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30pm. It is a great opportunity for your child to make new friends in a safe, fun environment. The first session will be on Wednesday 12th September. Open to everyone!

Mums and Tots Group poster