About Our Curriculum

The aims of our curriculum are simple:

  • We want to engage and inspire all pupils to ‘reach high and go far’
  • We want to fill all pupils with a love of learning that endures beyond Year 6
  • We want all pupils to reach their full academic and personal potential
  • We want all pupils develop into hardworking, cooperative, independent, reflective, confident, creative young people
  • We want all pupils to be prepared for life in a technology based world
  • We want all pupils to be aware of and tolerant towards all forms of difference and diversity and to acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures.
  • We want all pupils to know how to keep themselves and others safe
  • We want all pupils to understand fundamental British values and apply this understanding throughout the curriculum

Therefore, at Russell Scott Primary, the curriculum is…

  • Empowering and challenging for all children
  • Motivating for pupils and teachers, and flexible enough to follow children’s interests and ‘magic moments’
  • Broad in order to allow all talents to be discovered and celebrated
  • Rigorous in the development of non-negotiables and basic skills
  • Designed and delivered in ways which facilitate the development of ‘learning to learn’ skills
  • High-tech and forward thinking; enhanced by cutting-edge technologies
  • Adaptable and inclusive

What the pupils experience:  

  • Cross-curricular, exciting units of  work
  • Units of work centred around the development of reading and writing – where literacy lessons lead the topic
  • Topic lessons which link to literacy lessons
  • Discrete maths lessons
  • Lessons in other subjects which require the application of mathematical skills and understanding
  • Discrete grammar, spelling, phonics, handwriting lessons
  • An expectation that grammar, spelling, phonics and handwriting skills are consolidated and applied across the curriculum
  • The latest technology used by teachers to engage pupils
  • The latest technological resources to use during lessons to aid, support, assess and showcase their learning
  • At least one off-site educational visit or specialist visitor each half term
  • Whole school events to showcase learning, via the use of technology, each half term
  • A whole school focus on a specific ‘Personal, Learning and/or Thinking’ skill each half term
  • PE lessons delivered by a specialist coach
  • Music lessons delivered by a specialist music teacher
  • The opportunity to attend afterschool sport clubs
  • The opportunity to represent school in sporting competitions
  • The opportunity to join pupil groups within school: Prefects, School Council, Play Leaders, Digital Leaders
  • Targeted interventions used to support and/or extend learning
  • Key stage and whole school celebration events (of personal achievement – both academic and non- academic)
  • High expectations for attainment, progress and behaviour of all pupils
  • A zero tolerance approach towards bullying and any form of discrimination against others
  • A school curriculum which celebrates and promotes fundamental British values


You can view the Curriculum for your child’s year group by visiting:

EYFS Curriculum

Year 1 Curriculum

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Year 6 Curriculum

As our curriculum ensures coverage of the National Curriculum, if you require any further information please click the link below:

National Curriculum for Primary

For further guidance on how we teach reading visit our reading blog.

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