Playground and Sports field update

The huge mounds of earth that have been piled up on the field in order to drain as much water from the soil as possible are being removed from the site this week. The cost of tipping this spoil is based on weight so the contractors have tried to reduce the cost to the overall project by drying it out.

The area has now been completely surveyed and cctv has examined the existing drains. A suitable main drain to take the water off the site has been located but it has collapsed and will need to be replaced.  It actually runs under the path from Crown Point North and the collapse is the reason for the dip in the path where the large puddle blocks the path in heavy rain. The whole of the pathway will be drained and re-laid as part of the project.

When the spoil is removed a substantial drainage system will be constructed to take the water off the very large playground area that will follow.

In the meantime we have submitted a bid to Sport England to match fund a 60m x 40m artificial, floodlit multi-use games area that will also be available for community use!

The original bid was submitted during May this year and we are through the first round.

We now need to show a need and how the community can share the facility. If successful we will have very large traditional tarmac playgrounds, grass sports field of a very high quality and an artificial games surface that can be used all year round. The impact on the children and school will be amazing but the bid is dependent on the benefits to the community as well.

This is where we need your help….if you know of, manage or belong to any community group or organisation we urgently need your expression of interest to support the bid and eventually provide you with the opportunity to use our fantastic facility. We have already received interest from local sports clubs, groups and charities providing opportunities for disabled children, bowling clubs, archery clubs etc.

If you can forward your interest to it will be greatly appreciated and could make the difference between the bid being successful or it being unfortunately turned down.

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